Welcome to A Year in Batangala

This site is about my Year Out - which I spent in Sri Lanka with Project Trust.

The main content of the site is an online version of my Community Report, split into chapters.

I envisage that this site will mainly be of interest to prospective Project Trust volunteers, those that have already signed up, parents of volunteers etc.. If anyone else finds it interesting, that's a bonus!

Please note how long ago my report was written (1995/1996). I don't really know if the process of Selection and Training etc.. has changed much, but Project Trust's own website is the best place to find out about that. In addition, I don't think any of the current projects in Sri Lanka are NYSC training centres.

I'm always glad to receive comments about this site, and have heard from several other former Project Trust volunteers who were also lucky enough to spend their year out at Batangala. If you've found the site interesting, please leave an entry in my guestbook.

Drew Webber